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Film & Video Production Courses

An absolute must for the Digital Video enthusiast

Film & Video Production Short Course

The film & video production short course is ideal for learners looking to gain more insight into digital film making, workflows and overall phases of the production planning process. This hands-on course will help prepare any individual who wish to write, produce, film and edit their own projects in a broad industry, ranging from Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Films and many other forms of Multimedia based industries.


From 6 April 2020/4 August 2020, students will focus on how to produce content from script to screen through a 12-week course consisting of theoretical lectures and various workshops where they learn how to operate high definition cameras and many other advantageous film-making techniques.

General Course information

Duration: 12 Weeks (3 Months)
Commencement: 9 March 2021 to 27 May 2021
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 18:30 – 21:00

Tuition Fee:
Registration Fee: R5 950.00 (This amount is separate from the Course fee, payable ASAP to reserve your place.)
Course Fee: R7 550.00 (See payment structure)
Total Fee: R13 500.00 (Cash Discounted Amount)
(Cash Price – To qualify for the discounted course price, this amount must be paid in full by the first day of the course)

Method of course fee payment

Option A: Discount Cash Price
Option B: 3 x Monthly Payments
Registration Fee R5 950.00
Payable ASAP to register
Registration Fee R5 950.00
Payable ASAP to register
Course Fee R7 550.00

Payable by 9 March 2021

1st Payment of R2700.00 9 March 2021
2nd Payment of R2700.00 30 March 2021
Final Payment of R2700.00 30 April 2021


Course minimum students = 6

Course Content

Computers and Components

It is very important to understand your computer machine and all the components it requires in order to perform at its best. We will breakdown and analyse different movie making techniques, as well as how to setup a project with a tidy workflow.

Fundamentals of Writing

Writing is one of the key disciplines to successful storytelling. It’s the blueprint to showcasing your idea through a visual medium. Here we focus on formatting and drafting of creative outlines and story ideas. We learn about the industry standards and how important it is to generate ideas and how to move it forward into pre-production. Content is king.

Pre Production

Production planning is key to execution. We take a look at how to prepare yourself for film and video production. Scheduling, budgeting and visual referencing form key essentials in the pre-production phase. The students will learn the importance of preparation and how to manage workflow in a professional manner.


“Lights, camera, action.” This is the all-important stage where most of the risks should’ve been mitigated by planning. The students will learn on-set etiquette, terms, role-play and execution. Hands-on practical exercises will look at how to light, setup and operate a DSLR camera, plus general on-set workflow.

Post Production

Once the “film is in the can” and into edit suite, we look at different editing techniques and how they amplify the way your content is presented. Hands-on practical sessions on Final Cut Pro X will teach you how to cut footage together and export high quality video once your film or video is completed.


Film and Video is an industry with high quality control and standards. Clients are strict in the way their content should be delivered. We look at expectable standards and what is needed in order to run your business successfully.

Total Course Fee : R13 500

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Entry Requirements (SA)

• Literacy & Numeracy
• A passion for this industry
• ID Photo
• Completed CAE Registration Form
• Registration Fees
• Computer Literacy

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Film and Video Production Short Course

This course runs over a 12week period, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

This course is a must for the Digital Video enthusiast. It is packed with a vast array of learning materials, exciting project sets and is career focused.