Sound Engineering Full-Time Course


Entry Requirements (SA)


2025 3 Year N-Diploma Course in Sound Technology

Course Description

The Diploma course is an occupational and vocational training program designed to train learners to become effective Sound and Music Professionals. This qualification aims to provide learners with the technical, theoretical, and practical knowledge required for professional recording studios and live sound environments.

This three-year program is structured to allow learners to progressively obtain three different certificates by completing the N4, N5, and N6 qualifications at NQF Level 5. Following this, an 18-month practical component will lead to the awarding of the N-Diploma at NQF Level 6.

This qualification prepares learners for employment within the music and audio industry in roles such as sound technicians, music producers, studio engineers, live sound engineers, and monitor engineers.

Course Overview

This program follows a nationally set curriculum, providing students with an intensive audio diploma that comprehensively covers every facet of music and audio production through a hands-on, learn-by-doing approach. Professional and experienced lecturers train students in a full range of audio engineering and music production skills, including recording, mixing, and mastering.

Training takes place both in lecture rooms and hands-on studio environments at the CAE Institute, which is fully equipped with professional studios and live sound facilities. Additionally, learners will visit other recording facilities and live sound venues to broaden their practical experience.

The Diploma course covers a wide range of audio disciplines, equipping learners with the comprehensive knowledge and practical experience needed to become valuable assets in the audio industry, both nationally and internationally. During the program, students will have the opportunity to record their own album and gain insights into setting up their own recording studio.

Certification on successful completion of studies


Michael Slater


Riette Jonck


Liam Apollos


Andrew Brink


Ethan Otto