Sound Engineering Short Course


Entry Requirements (SA)

Individual Attention

2025 Short Course

2025 Sound Engineering Evening Short Course​

Course Description

If you are working full time, do the sound in your church or wish to start your own recording studio, or wish to expose yourself to the sound engineering field and learning the latest technology, then this course is for you. It covers all aspects of studio recording and aspects of live sound with a lot of hands-on training in our studios. These short courses are very popular, and we will be running two courses for 2025. Simply call us and ask us to add your name to our April or September list.

Course Overview

Our course offers a comprehensive overview, covering key areas such as Digital Recording, Live Sound, Digital Music Production, and much more.

Are you working full-time and looking to break into the Sound Engineering industry? This short course is designed just for you. Empower yourself today and gain the skills needed to start your own recording studio! Download our prospectus now to learn more.

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