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2022 Sound Engineering Evening Short Course

If you are working full time, do the sound in your church or wish to start your own recording studio, or wish to expose yourself to the sound engineering field learning the latest technology, then this course is for you. It covers all aspects of studio recording and aspects of live sound with a lot of hands-on training in our studios. These short courses are very popular and we will be running two courses for 2022. Simply call us and ask us to add your name to our April or August list.

Please note additional skills courses are on offer at CAE – please inquire should you be interested.


Digital Recording, live Sound, Digital Music Production and a whole lot more will be included on this course.

Are you working full time and want to be exposed yourself to the Sound Engineering Industry?

Then this short course is just for you. Empower yourself today to start your own recording studio!

General Course information

Duration: 3 Months
Commencement: 4 April 2022 -24 June 2022
Days: Monday and Tuesday Evenings
Times: 18:30 – 21:00

Tuition Fee:
Registration Fee: R6 500
Course Fee: R6 900 (Alternatively 3 payments of R2 600 per month. See payment structure)
Total Fee: R 13 400  (Cash Price – To qualify for the discounted course price, this amount must be paid in full on the first day of the course)

Method of course fee payment

Option A: Discount Cash Price  R 13 400
Option B: Term Payments
Registration Fee R6 500
Payable ASAP to register
Registration Fee R6 500
R2 600 x 3 payments
Course Fee R6 900
Payable by 4 April 2022
1st Payment  4 April 2022
2nd Payment 2 May 2022
3rd Payment 1 June 2022

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CAE - College of Audio Engineering

Contents of Course

• Overview of the Recording Studio
• The basics of sound & Acoustics
• Understanding how the mixer works
• The use of Patchbays
• Manipulating Sounds using EQ
• Understanding how Mics work
• Professional Microphone Techniques
• Dynamic and Condenser
• The use of Effects and Processors
• Compressors and Limiters
• The recording session
• Recording Vocals & Instruments
• Mixing Techniques
• Learning Studio 1 DAW
• Audio Editing techniques
• The use of Software Plug-Ins
• Computer hardware and software
• Mastering Techniques
• Intro to Reason 7

*This course is subject to a minimum of 6 students