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Full-Time Sound Engineering Course

This hands-on audio diploma covers music and audio production, music production, including recording, arrangement, mixing, and mastering. Training takes place in professional studios, with visits to other facilities, preparing students to excel in the audio industry.

Sound Engineering Short Course

Whether you work full-time, handle sound at your church, or want to start your own studio, this course is for you. Covering all aspects of studio recording and live sound, it offers extensive hands-on training.

Online Sound Engineering Course

Our online Level 1 course is designed for recording enthusiasts aspiring to enter the audio recording world. Engage in theory and practical assignments with methods like signal flow diagrams, interactive exercises, and video presentations to grasp essential audio disciplines.

Course Prospectus

Our comprehensive course prospectus is available for download in PDF format.

Explore our full range of courses and discover the opportunities that await you in the exciting field of audio engineering. Download our prospectus now to learn more about our curriculum, faculty expertise, and the resources available to our students. Whether you’re a budding sound engineer or a seasoned professional looking to advance your skills, our prospectus has everything you need to make an informed decision about your education and career pathE.